Mentoring Salons for Success

Owning a hair salon is a serious business that requires 100% dedication and hard work. You maybe passionate about cutting hair and have built a successful salon business from the ground up, or you could be an ambitious newcomer who has the passion and talent but limited business experience. Bamboo Consulting is here to help you start or grow your hair salon business through mentoring sessions. 

With over 30 years of experience in the hairdressing industry as hairdresser for major labels such as L'Oreal, Matrix and Kerastase, Brenda Perham is in the best position to mentor current and potential salon owners who want to learn how to make their business grow. 

Consulting Services Offered by Bamboo Consulting

Marketing Mojo

Bamboo Consulting offers different sessions and counselling packages tailored to specific stages in building a business. The Marketing Mojo package deals with how to effectively market your business. You and Brenda will take a deeper look at your previous marketing strategies to see which ones worked and which ones did not, and create a definite plan of action to develop a unique marketing plan. The package includes a 12 month marketing planner, as well as a 2-hour one-on-one session where clients are taught the basics of using the marketing planner and how to use the available tools in their campaigns. 


This is a 2-hour session where business owners examine the strengths and weaknesses of their business and are guided through the process of finding tangible solutions and strategies to overcome problematic or weak spots. Clients are guided through the analysis of their financial intelligence, what they know about pricing and profit, work environments and team dynamics, goal setting, productivity and marketing. Also included is a follow up action plan to help keep salon owners on track in accomplishing the goals that they have identified during these sessions.

Ducks in a Row 

This is a more intensive version of Incubator and requires 6 hours of business analysis and education about the most effective tools necessary to improve performance and productivity. Also included in this session are lessons on salon software and reporting to help salon owners move to a paperless system of accounting, as well as techniques and methods on stock control and pricing methodologies. Business owners are also taught the most important principles on recruitment and training to ensure that they only hire the best people for their business.

Culture Restyle Program

A stagnated salon often displays a dip in productivity and customer satisfaction.This package will teach salon owners the most effective ways to work smart and manage their salon and staff in the most efficient manner to avoid stagnation and burnout. This package comes with Wallcharts, Action plans and Toolbox along with other resources that salon owners need when they apply lessons learned in actual practice.

Ongoing Mentoring 

Ongoing mentoring allows business owners to keep track of their progress, feel like they are accountable to someone and be mindful of the objectives that they have to meet. Clients can choose among different frequency levels and type of support that they need.

Whether you are a veteran salon owner who is looking for better ways to manage your salon or a new salon owner who wants to know how to run a business as efficiently as you can, business mentoring from Bamboo Consulting can help you take your salon business to a new level.

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